Spend one week in Guatemala experiencing the culture and people of the capital city, Guatemala City and Antigua (the old capital).

And get this, have this experience with other BLACK families led by a BLACK mama. UPDATES COMING SUMMER 2021

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ePortfolio Activity Guide

I created an experiential portfolio guide that will assess without the stress in Spanish.


This guide is designed to allow you child to do fun projects while still learning and living in Spanish. 


  • Your child being able to talk about their favorite color 

  • Your child doing a vlog of their life in Spanish

  • Your child talking about sports highlights in Spanish

  • Your child doing a science fair project in Spanish


Kid-friendly videos available to you for only $7.99/Month

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FINALMENTE!!!!!!  Kid-friendly videos available for monthly subscription on the BBB Mighty Network!  From Spanish Basics to conjugating verbs, get your child videos AND interactive guidance in Spanish.

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